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York College Pennsylvania

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB+ Faculty AccessibilityB
Useful SchoolworkB Excess CompetitionF
Academic SuccessB+ Creativity/ InnovationB
Individual ValueB- University Resource UseB+
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyB FriendlinessF
Campus MaintenanceA- Social LifeD
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsD-
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Excess Competition
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Campus Maintenance
He cares more about Friendliness than the average student.
Date: Apr 29 2011
Major: Other (This Major's Salary over time)
i will begin with stating the two positive things i have taken from these last 4 years. one, the liberal arts set up is very helpful for a kid who isnt quite sure what they want to do. Changing my major 3 times i was very lucky to be afforded the chance not to have to pay for more than 4 years of an education, 2 i met my best friend/girlfriend along the way (not a direct result of the school, but we met here so it deserves some credit) all of my close friends either transferred or left for other reasons by sophomore year, so i really had no one to hang with after that because as stated by others, the cliques at this school are tough to break into 2 months in let alone 2 years. I was on a sports team that I devoted a lot of my time to. I trained my ass off, helped recruit and helped the inept coaching staff come up with training methods that I developed after about 2 hours of research on the subject (they were both full time) only to have one coach become such an overflowing egomaniac that he forced more than half the team to quit in a single season. Not only this but he also martyred the other coached, who retired just before we quit and went from talking about how the guy was not to be taken seriously, didnt take us in the right direction, was outdated etc, to naming a meet after him and talking about him like he was some sort of mentor, while the two never spoke and during the coach in questions days as an "assistant coach" on one of said teams, he showed up a womping one time, to an NCAA meet, the most highly publicized of our meets on schedule just so that the coaches of other teams would see him as someone who knew what he was talking about. Shortly put, the athletic department at york is a tornado of contradictions that i could go on all day about, but i digress and move on to a more relevant topic, the academic institution and social life. York is a great place when you know what you want to do and have a certainty and determination to pursue it…if you are heading into school a bit unsure or want to explore other various areas, i do not reccomend this school. What I have found from both personal experience and from people I have met is that from ages 18 to 21, people are generally trying to figure themselves out first, and their careers and professional lives second. People want to go out and party, go out with people, get laid occasionally, and have some fun. Most of the population at York resides within two extremes, 1) people that party non stop and never show up to class/flunk out or occassionally scrape by or 2) tight ass conservatives who not only dissasociate themselves with their classmates but also act like their choice to stay away from drining, drugs, and sex somehow puts them on a higher level than the others, therefore all their other choices are also good and right and better. Each of these groups at the school are hard to associate with because group number 1 are the standard morons that dont have much brain power to offer unless lil wayne, asher roth, or neon flat brimmed MLB hats for teams in inexplicable geographical locations (oh im from york but i am a big fan of the former houston colt 45's and the 1989 chicago white sox/the yankees from any era) ooorrrrr, you can face group #2, in which they only associate with people of similar moral persuasions (think sinners in the hands of an angry god meets the family from 19 kids and counting) For the sake of my attempt to be neutral, I will credit them with being very friendly and in many instances very accepting to other people, but that acceptance comes with extremely strict conditions, like if you dont make some sort of subtle transformation to their side, one that doesnt make them seem pushy but they can still credit themselves with making you a better person (according to them) at a later time. If you do happen to stray from this tightrope of acceptable behaviors, they will cut you off like youre aron ralstons right arm, and you will forever be known as the asshole that somehow wronged them in some unforgivable way after which you never hear from them again. Let me remind anyone reading this far that what I have just described are the EXTREMES, i am in no way saying that all people here fall into these two categories, what i am saying is that a good 65 to 75 percent of the people here are within these. the remaining 25 to 35 percent of people at the school lay in so many different demographics that naming them would take equally as long as listing discrepencies in the athletic system. Overall, I have enjoyed the interaction with some of my close advisors at school and friends outside, but not much else. This school is so wraught in endless contradictions that to name them would eventually take away from fact and sound like i am badmouthing the place. Everything I have said can be validated over the last 4 years over and over again. If you go here, get out, if youre thinking about coming here dont, and if youre a member of the track or cross country team, youre a sell-out cuntbag
responseShut up Provonche, your the one thats a close-minded fuck that cries when he doesnt get his way.
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York College Pennsylvania
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