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The Georgia Institute of Technology

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Date: Feb 26 2005
Major: Other (This Major's Salary over time)
This is abolutely ridiculous. Look, in high school you are supposed to learn how to be social and figure out how to interact in the world—if you need extra tutoring, go to the dipshit world of UGA or any liberal arts school.

If you want a degree that actually shows resourcefulness, follow-through, competitiveness, and problem solving skills, all of the most important things that you need to get ANYWHERE in ANY ARENA in life, then you f*cking go to a place like Georgia Tech.

(stats above were default—don't reflect anything)
Its a reality check folks, ones that people from any other douchey school figure out on their deathbed if their lucky. It makes you think for yourself and pick apart life there to get through without jumping off the I-85 bridge.

That's all the school teaches you, but other than that, its f*cking worthless to be there. But if you gather that and stick it through, the world is your oyster because you have the understanding that you can follow through with an extremely difficult situation no matter what.
People who bitch about social life, yada yada, well moron if you are a social person, or want to learn how, then MAKE THE EFFORT and you'll get what you want like you do with grades. Join fraternities—however like I said, if you didn't understand decent social behavior in college and embrace the social environment at Tech as being normal, you are more screwed than if you never went to college, 99% of the people there studied all their lives to get in and suck cock. But ignore the douchebags that say to avoid the greek system, they are the ones who were rejected. It's not buying your friends, you rush places like you and if they LIKE you back you get in and interact with the people you chose to rush the most. THAT'S LIFE. Just like Tech, if you don't belong there you get the boot. But all the fraternities suck there anyway but that's a moot point.

The point is, its hard, if you are looking for a degree to ride on your whole life you are fucked everywhere you go. People from Tech actually know how to work HARD to get from they want as opposed to ivy league cuntrags who magically think they know everything when they studied worthless classes like English. Every Tech alumni that has competed with ivy leaguers in the interview have whooped them not because of degree status, but because of they actually discuss hard work and work ethic which will get what they want.
That's why Georgia Tech alumni make a killing but anyone who works hard and is resourceful can get what they want, and well, Georgia Tech will make you realize that at the very least.

Also if you want the reality check experience, Georgia Tech is the best place because its a top engineering school and has the best college/social experience you can find out of any of the top engineering schools, and that sure as hell doesn't say much for the rest of them. You don't have to be anything when you graduate, but you learn how to work hard to go out and get what you do want. So without a doubt, I hated Georgia Tech but I sure as sh*t would do it again if I had a different choice because the lessons learned here are unparalleled.
It doesn't matter where you graduate, it doesn't matter what the hell you do in your life as long as you learn to be resourceful and be observant and work hard and kick ass no matter what.

Georgia Tech will teach you that by sucking ass and making you be RESOURCEFUL to have a life and make one after you leave!!! And I sure as hell made the best of it and had the same experience you could have anywhere, only when I grew out of it, I woke up and I wasn't at a shitty school like UGA and walked to get my GT degree and famous references for grad school.
Everyone needs a reality check, and Georgia Tech is the best place to wake up and realize you are at a resource-rich university and have your whole life ahead of you free of all the f*cking bullshit you bought into beforehand.

Anyone who says they loved Georgia Tech, or bitches about how they wished they never went there is a f*cking dipshit who has no business or credibility to be opening their mouths and should be ignored because they are a f*cking depressive, passive aggressive schmuck.

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The Georgia Institute of Technology
The Georgia Institute of Technology
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